I may not know where I'm going now
This broken road is trying to tear me down
But deep inside I've found
A secret place that I never knew
Where I feel safe when the world is untrue
Here's what I've learned to do

Just sing this song
And it takes me right back where I belong
And everyday there's a new bridge to cross
But I'm never far from home
If I put my heart, my soul, my all in this song, oh

I don't depend on friends 'cause they come and go
My belief in myself is gonna carry me through
That's why I'm learning, oh
I'm learning, yeah, I'm learning to sing
We had a fight, you cried and ran away
Now it’s late, 4am, can’t reach you
If I could turn back time and make you stay
Maybe then I would still be near you

You’re out of my life, it cuts me like a knife
I’m wounded and it hurts, it hurts, it hurts
Since I can’t tell you
You’re out of my life, but did you have to die?
And now it’s too late, too late, too late to say I’m sorry